A photocopy style photoshopped image of the designer ccarey, in a kneeling pose showing a peace sign hand sign

Branding and Web Design
‍‍(urbanfoodcrafters.com, built in Webflow)

Urban Foodcrafters’ rebranding embodies a sophisticated blend of professional elegance and local charm. The logo integrates building and silverware motifs into a cityscape, colored in a palette inspired by Traverse City’s waters and skyline. The “URBAN” wordmark uses a bold sans serif, contrasting with “Foodcrafters” in timeless script, creating a clean, professional look. The WebFlow-built website focuses on accessibility, with responsive and inclusive design features catering to a demographic inclusive of older and sight-impaired users.

Mobile App Prototype
(built in Figma)

‘My Mini Horoscope’ is a lightweight, uplifting mobile app designed for ease and engagement. It offers a no-login, fun daily experience with easy social media sharing. Its user-friendly interface and engaging content make it an inviting daily companion that enhances mood and fosters connectivity among friends.

Landing Page Design
(desktop, mobile, & advertising graphics)

The Converse campaign redesign focuses on a landing page and digital marketing materials for a skateboarding shoe. Incorporating a barbed wire motif to echo the shoe’s design, it employs a palette of burgundy, black, white, and grey, reflecting New York City’s edgy aesthetic. This project spans from desktop to mobile platforms, maintaining a cohesive look across various digital landscapes.

NMC Magazine Leadership

As Editor in Chief and Design Editor of NMC Magazine, I managed timelines, coordinated with vendors, and led design and content integration using InDesign. My leadership not only kept the production process streamlined but also contributed to the magazine winning multiple awards, highlighting my capability to guide successful projects from conception to distribution.

Integrated Advertising Campaign‍
("explore ural" travel campaign)

Inspired by the rugged Ural Mountains and the resilience of single mothers, this campaign features magazine spreads that blend large scenic photography with Polaroid-style frames, creating a narrative of family and adventure. The designs, infused with personal stories and connections to nature, extend into digital and outdoor media, maintaining a cohesive aesthetic that promotes familial bonding and exploration.

Typography Design
(with motion graphic advertisement)

BOUJIE, a typeface inspired by Art Nouveau but designed with symmetry for modern display uses, showcases both uppercase and lowercase forms through a motion graphic. This video travels from an indoor setting to a Parisian street scene, displaying the typeface on various storefronts, all set to Debussy’s “Clair de Lune,” encapsulating the elegance and historical richness of the style.

(Click on the download button if you'd like a copy of the font for your own use.)

Food Truck Design
(including menu design)

Designed for the bustling urban professional, Highrise Handhelds’ food truck and menu feature an Art Deco-inspired aesthetic with a modern twist. This design reflects the fast-paced lifestyle of New York in the 1920s, catering to a demographic that values quick, stylish convenience.

Print Design
‍‍(various projects and formats)

This section showcases my expertise in print-specific design considerations, featuring projects like posters featuring found typography and outreach designs for homelessness, a post card invatation, and a seasonal greeting card. Each piece is crafted with attention to the technical nuances required for high-quality print outcomes, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of various print media.